Harry's restaurant

Welcome to Harry’s restaurant.

We would like to introduce you Czech cuisine with a modern twist. Twenty years ago our family established a farm on a beautiful Czech countryside, 40 km west from Prague. There we take care of a large herd of free range Scottish Highland cattle. The cattle in our farm is purely grass-fed which ensures the best quality and unbeatable taste of the meat. Our vast farm forests are home to deers, fallow deers, wild pigs and pheasants whose meat we proudly serve to our customers.

We do support smaller, regional suppliers and local farmers. We love what we do! We make all kinds of bread and rolls ourselves starting with the brioche ending with the burger bun. We ferment our own sauerkraut, mushrooms as well as pickled veggies. In our beverage list we endorse local micro-breweries and great local and international wine makers.

Our kitchen is led by talented chef Honza Kemr and together with his team they take pride in bringing back the greatness of the Czech cuisine. We are relaxed, rustic restaurant for those of you who care about sustainability, local products and the story behind their dish.

We sincerely wishyou to have a great time with us!